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Press Release Format

By TLW Public Relations

The following is a classic press release format along with suggested content for each paragraph.
Place press release on your or your company’s letterhead with the following information positioned as shown:
(add current date here)
(Note: All press releases should be for immediate release. Don’t send it to the press until you want the information distributed to the public.)
Should be short and contain the most newsworthy information about the topic, event, person, etc. Use nouns and action verbs to form a headline that looks and sounds like the ones you see in the newspaper, magazines or on-line.
Location Info
In parenthesis, list city and state where news will take place or has taken place before you begin the first paragraph, i.e., (Fairfield, CA).
Body Of Release

The standard press release is a single page with about 5 paragraphs. The content of those paragraphs should be as follows and should include Internet links to relevant websites or social media pages to make your release more interactive for the reader and to create traffic for those sites.

Paragraph 1: Contains the most important information about the subject of the release - the who, what, when, where and why of the event, the incident, etc. This may be the only paragraph that an editor reads before deciding to include your news in their publication, so make it informative and compelling.
Paragraph 2: Should be a quote from someone intricately involved with the story - the CEO of the company being covered, the person you are interviewing, etc.
Paragraph 3: Contains additional information about what's going to happen or has happened or the person or company that you are highlighting in the release.
Paragraph 4: Use it to tell the reader where to find more information about the subject of the press release, i.e., phone numbers, websites, or social media sites.
Paragraph 5: This is the "about" paragraph. It is used to give a short bio of your company, the person, event, etc., that is featured in the press release. This paragraph usually comes after the "end mark.";

Company/organization info
Include any background information about the company or organization featuring in this press release.
Contact Information
Include contact person, company name, phone/fax, email, physical/postal address.
Use either the word in all capital letters (END) or the pound sign (#) to signify the end of your release.
(xxx words)
If your release is more than one page long each page should be headed as follows: Subject of Release/Page Number
Add contacts’ names, email address and phone numbers here

Sample Press Release

440-2 Travis Blvd.
Fairfield, CA 94533

For Immediate Release:
April 10, 2014

Acme Grocery Store Wins Award for Customer Service

(Fairfield, CA) –Acme, a local retail grocery store, has won an award for excellent customer service from the National Retail Business Association (NRBA). The award was the result of a month-long survey of Acme’s customers. It will be presented at NRBA’s annual convention this coming August 15th in Las Vegas.
“We take great pride in how we treat everyone walking through our doors,” says Jay Johnson, Acme’s founder and CEO. “Our goal is to make sure that no one leaves dissatisfied.”
The survey was conducted during last winter’s holiday season, Acme’s busiest time of the year. Records show more than 1,000 people shopped at the store during the month of December; and they all participated in the survey. The NRBA begin giving the award two years ago to encourage its members to make customer service a top priority. In addition to a trophy, the winner gets $10,000 to donate to their favorite charity. Acme joined the NRBA in 2012.
For more information on Acme, its products, and hours of operation, visit the store’s website at or visit and “like” its fan page on Facebook. You may also call the store at 707-555-5555.


About Acme:

Acme is a retail grocery store that specializes in organic food products and locally-grown produce.  The company employs 50 people and is located in Fairfield, California.  It was founded in 2004 by Owner and CEO Jay Johnson and has been an NRBA member for two years.  For more information on its operations, visit its website at or call 707-555-5555.
Jay Johnson
Founder & CEO
Acme Company
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