We are pleased to bring The 123 Target Marketing Show to Community Access Television.

Our shows will air on Vallejo Community Access Television (VCAT), and then expand to the Sacramento Access, San Francisco Access, Vacaville Access Televisions.

123 Target Marketing Show

Shows will include
  • 30 Minute Shows highlighting the Marketing Strategies of Businesses like yours
  • 10 Minute On Location Business Spotlights
  • Media Coverage of Business & Marketing Events and Workshops
Please contact us at to
  1. Suggest a Business in the Community that does an amazing job Marketing
  2. Episode Underighting for beginning and end of the segment logo, website credits
  3. Provide one of the following for end of Segment, Line Item Credit
    • “The 123 Target Marketing Show” Car branded with 123 Target Marketing Show and Dealership Logo’s.
    • Hair, Clothes and Set Stylist
    • Set Furniture & Decor
    • Studio Production Crew
Target Audience:

Business Owners, Speakers and Writers in the California market. Planned show syndications to Access Television channels, Nationwide