Are you Certification Ready?


DBE, MBE, Woman Owned or SB Certification make sense your business?
  • Do women own 51% or more of your business?
  • AND is the company either controlled or managed by a woman or minority?
  • Has a customer asked whether you are a certified MBE, DEB or woman-owned business?
  • OR is does a Minority own 51% or more of your business?
  • Have you been thinking about getting certified but didn’t know where to start?
  • Have you started the certification process but found that it was too time consuming or confusing?


who benefited the most from our services
  • Need assistance understanding which certification(s) would be most useful to them
  • Would prefer to focus their time on their business rather than gather numerous documents and prepare the relevant application(s)
  • Need assistance understanding, locating and/or creating some of the various documents required for certification
  • Want to submit their application(s) as soon as possible

We can help

  • We explain which type of certification would be best for you
  • We answer your questions about the process
  • We handle the difficult tasks
  • We identify and address any business or legal issues that may arise

The Government is looking for you!

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